Human Resources Administration

Rural Health Care Stipend (Historical)

General Information

The Rural Health Care Stipend program was effective in fiscal years 2003/04 and 2004/05 and provided a stipend of $500 to individuals meeting eligibility criteria. Rural health care stipend provisions ended with the collective bargaining agreement effective May 15, 2007 and are no longer in effect.

To be eligible for the Rural Health Care Stipend, an employee was required to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in a CalPERS sponsored non-HMO health plan.
  • Must reside in a zip code determined by CalPERS to be a rural area in which there are no CalPERS board approved Health Maintenance Organizations.
  • Must be in an active or on-leave status.

The following employees were ineligible for the Rural Health Care Stipend:

  • Employees enrolled in Flexcash.
  • Employees with Indeterminate (IND) or Intermittent (INT) appointments (such employees are not eligible for health care benefits).

The stipend was prorated by timebase for part-time faculty unit employees

Refer to HR/Salary 2005-02 for reference information: