Human Resources Administration

Pre-Retirement Reduction in Timebase Program

General Information
  • PRTB is available to tenured faculty employees. Employees wishing to enter PRTB must be at least 55 years of age and no more than 65 years, with at least ten (10) years of full-time employment in the CSU. The five (5) years immediately preceding the effective date of the PRTB must have been continuous full-time employment.
  • PRTB provides a reduction in timebase to an average of two thirds (2/3), one half (1/2) or one third (1/3) of full-time for a maximum period of five (5) consecutive years. The reduction is determined on the basis of the academic or fiscal year for academic year or 12-month employees, respectively. A participant’s annual salary is pro-rated according to the averaged timebase for the year and paid in twelve (12) equal monthly payments per year.
  • Social security contributions are based on actual salary earned. CalPERS and STRS deductions are based on the employee’s full-time rate of pay; however if a PRTB employee retires prior to the end of the 12 month academic period, final settlement pay reported for the remaining months will be based on the reduced earnings paid to the employee at the two thirds (2/3), one half (1/2) or one third (1/3) time base.
  • Once a faculty unit employee is authorized to participate in PRTB, the faculty unit employee may not revoke the reduced timebase and return to full time employment unless approved by the President. A PRTB participant who completes the maximum five (5) years and does not elect a service retirement may continue employment as a tenured part-time faculty member outside of the PRTB program.
  • PRTB participants are not eligible for sabbatical leaves or leaves with pay.

For more information, please refer to Technical Letter HR/Benefits 2003-11