Human Resources Administration


General Information
  • Pursuant to Article 31, promotions shall be accompanied by advancement of at least 7.5% on the salary schedule. Campuses may award increases greater than 7.5%.
  • The faculty member’s new salary must be at least the minimum salary for the new rank.
  • When SSIs are available and a faculty member who is eligible for an SSI is promoted effective the same pay period, the SSI should be posted (via MSA transaction) before the promotion percentage increase is applied to the resulting salary.
  • In cases where an employee was promoted to a higher rank and subsequently receives a retroactive SSI in the lower rank, the employee’s promotion salary must be recalculated based on the salary in effect after the SSI.  Final Salary Anniversary Date and SSI Counter must be modified accordingly.

Example #1:

  • The increase must be at least 7.5%. 
  • Assistant professor B receives a 7.5% promotional increase based upon a monthly base salary of $5,499:

Step 1:  $5,499 x 1.075 = $5,911.43
Step 2:  Round up to a base salary of $5,912.
If rounded down to $5,911, the increase is only 7.49%,
Step 3:  Promotion salary amount = $5,912 = 7.51% promotion increase

Example #2:

  • Assistant professor K receives a 12% promotional increase based upon a monthly base salary of $5,493:

Step 1:  $5,493 x 1.12 = $6,152.16
Step 2:  Round to the nearest dollar: $6,152.
Step 3:  Promotion salary amount = $6,152 = 12.0% promotion increase