Human Resources Administration

Post Promotion Increases

General Information
  • The Post Promotion Increase (PPI) program was effective fiscal years 2008-09 and 2009/10.
  • The PPI program is a program for senior faculty members (Full professor, Lecturer D, Librarian, SSP/AR III, and Head Coach classifications) who have exhausted SSI eligibility and have been evaluated as meeting or exceeding performance expectations. If it is later determined that SSI eligibility exists, the PPI award stands, but will reduce any future SSI eligibility. The SSI counter will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Eligible faculty members with the earliest date of hire were the first of the two-year program recipients, the remaining faculty were eligible for consideration for the 2009/10 awards.
  • Participants in the Faculty Early Retirement Program and rehired annuitants are ineligible for the PPI program.
  • For eligible Grant Related Instructional Faculty (GRIF), apply the PPI percentage to the instructional faculty base to establish a new faculty base. Recalculate the GRIF salary based upon the new instructional faculty base. If the grant has insufficient resources to maintain the previously applied GRIF percentage to the instructional faculty base, then the campus may consider reducing the GRIF percentage to stay within the allowable limits (Margy will edit)
  • PPI’s should be posted for employees on paid Sabbatical and Difference in Pay leaves.
  • For detailed program information, including eligible classifications, refer to coded memo: