Human Resources Administration

Full Professors Paid Over the Salary Range Maximum

General Information
  • Pursuant to Article 31.1 and Appendix G of the CBA, effective July 1, 2007, faculty appointed above the salary range maximum will be limited to instructional faculty at the full professor rank (range 5), or corresponding lecturer D (range 5) levels. Such appointments require Presidential approval. 

  • The provision to pay over the maximum applies only to faculty in range code 5 in the following classification codes: 0351, 0356, 0357, 0551, 0556, 0557, 1195, 2158, 2160, 2282, 2308, 2310, 2320, 2321, 2358, 2359, 2360, 2361, 2364, 2368, 2369, 2387, 2388, 2390, 2394, 2395, 2399, 2481, 2482, 7894.

  • Pursuant to Government Code section 20636(b)(1), if an employee’s salary rate is over the published maximum of his/her classification as stated in the California State University salary schedule, the salary in excess of the published maximum is non reportable to CalPERS and is not includable in determining the employee’s final compensation for purposes of calculating retirement benefits. Additionally, the University is not permitted to make employer or employee contributions to CalPERS on salary in excess of the maximum of the salary range/skill level.

  • Grant-Related/Specially Funded Instructional Faculty (GRIF) classifications (2387 and 2388) allow for a faculty member to be paid a 5% to 35% differential above the regular instructional faculty salary rate on a temporary basis as allowed by funding and campus procedures. If such a faculty member is a full professor with a salary above the range maximum, then the salary while in the GRIF classification may exceed the published maximum for the GRIF classification.

  • Hiring campuses are responsible for providing all hires paid above the published range maximum with a letter informing them of what constitutes includable compensation for CalPERS benefits, and appointees shall be asked to acknowledge in writing that they understand and accept the terms and CalPERS benefits of their appointment. (see appendix G of the MOU and TECHNICAL LETTER HR/Benefits 2007-17)