Human Resources Administration

General Salary Increase Program

General Information:

  • A General Salary Increase (GSI) is an increase to base salary that applies to all employees within the faculty bargaining unit.
  • The State Controller’s Office (SCO) processes GSI transactions via mass update program. The effective date of the GSI is prescribed by the collective bargaining agreement as ratified by the CSU Board of Trustees, and may be retroactively applied, if applicable.
  • The GSI mass update program is applied to all employees active on the PIMS database when the program is run. The mass update program will include active employees whose appointment expiration date has passed. Salary range minimums, maximums and SSI maximums are increased by the GSI unless otherwise prescribed by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement and as ratified by the CSU Board of Trustees.
  • The mass update will not distinguish between a continuing employee and an employee appointed on or after the effective date of the GSI, but before the mass update is run; the GSI will be applied to the employee’s salary in either situation.
  • Campuses are responsible for determining if newly appointed faculty members are eligible for the GSI, based on the terms and conditions established in making the appointment. 
  • Eligible temporary employees who were separated and employees on unpaid leave during the period in which the GSI was effective may receive the GSI posted via GEN transaction effective upon reinstatement from leave or upon commencement of the employee’s next appointment.
  • Because the mass update associated with the implementation of the July 1, 2007 GSI occurred after the start date of the academic year on semester campuses, but before the start date of the academic year on most quarter campuses, specific criteria for determining whether a newly appointed individual should receive a GSI in addition to the agreed-upon hiring salary were provided in the fiscal year 2007/08 Salary Program for Faculty. For details, access: 
  • The CSU and CFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding on July 8, 2010 on the disposition of Post Promotion Increase (PPI) residual funds pursuant to Article 31.14 of the collective bargaining Agreement in effect from May 15, 2007 through June 30. The residual funds were distributed as a 0.045% General Salary Increase (GSI) effective with the September 2010 pay period. For details, access: