Human Resources Administration

AY to 12 Month Conversion

General Information

When converting faculty members from AY to 12-month classifications or vice versa, the salary rate conversion formula is:

For AY to 12-month conversions, multiply the AY salary rate by 1.15:
(AY Salary Rate) x 1.15 = 12-Month Salary Rate

For 12-Month to AY conversions, divide the 12-month salary rate by 1.15:
(12-Month Salary Rate) / (1.15) = AY Salary Rate

For 12-Month to AY conversions, vacation earned in the 12-Month appointment cannot be carried forward into the AY appointment. Options include:  

(1) exhausting the vacation balance in the 12-Month position prior to the effective date of the reassignment to the AY appointment,

(2) cashing out the vacation balance upon reassignment to the AY appointment, or

(3) converting the salary rate equivalent into a tax sheltered annuity account.

(4) Under certain very limited circumstances, Chancellor’s Office or campus President authorization may be obtained to “suspend” the vacation balance in the 12-Month position until the position is otherwise reinstated to active status. This option should be considered only when a return date is certain and within reasonable time limitations (no more than one year) – for example, if the employee is temporarily moving out of a 12-month position in order to take a sabbatical leave based upon academic year timelines (one semester, one or two quarters, academic year), but will return to the 12-month position at the conclusion of the leave . 

The same salary rate conversion formula applies to 10-Month and 12-Month Coach and Librarian classifications.

  • If the conversion from a 10-Month to 12-Month classification does not bring the salary rate to the minimum rate of the (12-month) salary range, the salary rate must be taken to the minimum of the salary range for the respective 12-Month class. For example:

Head Coach – 10 Month (2374) to Head Coach – 12 Month (2373)
Librarian/range 5 – 10 Month (2919) to Librarian/range 5 – 12 Month (2920)
($6008) x 1.15 = $6909, but must bring to minimum salary rate of $6921 in 12-Month class/range

The resulting salary rate upon conversion from a 12-Month to a 10-Month classification must fall within the salary range of the 10-Month classification. For example:

Head Coach – 12 Month (2373) to Head Coach – 10 Month (2374)
($6921) / (1.15) = $6018

Salary rates for classification code 2368, Instructional Faculty, Extra Quarter Assignment, QSYRO, are equal to 4/3 times the monthly rates for classification code 2360, Instructional Faculty, Academic Year. Compensation is paid in three equal installments (versus 4) for the Extra Quarter Assignment appointment. This classification is utilized at QSYRO campuses only

Department Chair stipends should be subtracted before performing conversion calculations.