Salary Program Guidelines for
SETC (Unit 6) Employees

Rural Health Care Stipend

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS Earnings ID
2007/08 $500.00 Payment will be generated the week of 09/10/07. GE RS1
2006/07 $500.00 Payment will be generated the week of 12/04/06. GE  
2005/06 $500.00 Payment will be generated the week of 09/12/05. GE  
2004/05 $500.00 Payment will be generated the week of 09/06/04. GE  

General Information

  • The CSU and SETC agreed to pay a single Rural Health Care Stipend of $500 to employees who meet the following criteria during the July 2007 pay period:

    1. Must reside in one of the zip codes listed in HR/Salary 2007-17, Attachment C (California's Proposed Eligible Rural Subsidy Zip Codes by County Effective January 1, 2007);

    2. Must be enrolled in a CalPERS sponsored non-HMO health plan;

    3. Must be in an active or on-leave status.
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Last updated: April 9, 2008

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