Salary Program Guidelines for
SETC (Unit 6) Employees

Critical Skills Bonus

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS Earnings ID
  • $500.00 one-time bonus
  • $250.00 renewal
  • One-time bonus: Effective 9/22/09
  • Renewal: Within 30 days after the appropriate administrator has determined that the employee has renewed the certification from a pre-approved training program.
  • $500.00 one-time bonus
  • $250.00 renewal
  • One-time bonus: Beginning fiscal year 2007/08
  • Renewal: Within 30 days after employee has demonstrated he/she has renewed certification



General Information

  • One-time $500 Bonus – Effective September 22, 2009 through June 30, 2011, employees who satisfactorily complete and obtain the following certifications will be eligible to receive an initial one-time $500 bonus: Certified Electrician, Certified Building Operator, Certified Steam Operator/Universal Steam Certification.
  • The certification must be from a CSU pre-approved training program.
  • $250 Renewal Bonus – Employees required by the CSU to renew their certification are eligible to receive a $250 bonus. 
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Last updated: October 21, 2009

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