Salary Program Guidelines for
SETC (Unit 6) Employees

General Salary Increase (GSI)
Processing Instructions

Change Summary: Increase the minimum rates of all classifications by 3.0% and the maximum rates of all classifications by 5.0%
Class Code(s): All Unit 6 classifications
Pay Scales Effective Date:


Date in Production: 09/05/07
Pay Letter: 2007-10
Processing Responsibility: SCO will post increases into PIMS database via mass update
Processing Date: Beginning the evening of 09/04/07
Effective Date: 07/01/07
PIMS Transaction: GEN
Detailed Transaction Code (Item 719): N/A
EH Remarks (Item 215): HR/SA 2007-17
Pay Amount: 3.0% (or 4.0% for employees in classifications receiving an equity increase - refer to HR/Salary 2007-17)
Pay Form: Base salary increase
Lump Sum Earnings ID: N/A
Employees on Leave:
  • Increases are effective 07/01/07 for employees on NDI supplementing with Catastrophic Leave (S49 Transaction, Item 957 = 40) on 07/01/07.
  • Increases for other employees on leave (non-pay status) are to be keyed by the campus via GEN Transaction, effective the date the employee returns to pay status.
Additional Information:
  • All employees active as of 07/01/07 will receive the GSI via GEN Transaction.
  • Employees hired after 07/01/07, and before the mass upate is run, will have the GSI applied to their salary by processing a correct to the appointment and any subsequent transactions.
  • The SCO mass update program will process GSI's for active employees whose appointment expiration date is prior to 07/01/07. To assist campuses in identifying these employees, CIRS Compendium Report H50, Cycle 0709, and tab-delimited file H80, Cycle 0709, will be available 09/05/07 for campus reference.
SCO Personnel Letter:

Workforce Administration:
  • Action Reason: PAY/GSI (GEN)
  • Effective Date: 07/01/07
  • Union Code: R06
  • Empl Hi story Remarks: HR/SA 2007-17

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