Salary Program Guidelines for
APC (Unit 4) Employees

Merit Bonus Program

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS Earnings ID
See Note Below
Merit Bonuses are not to be issued. Refer to HR/Salary 2012-07.
2009/10 - 2010/11
See Note Below
Merit Bonuses are not to be issued. Refer to HR/Salary 2010-18.
2005/06 - 2008/09 Varies Prior to the end of the fiscal year SF BN3

General Information

  • Note: Pursuant to an agreement reached between the CSU and APC, the parties agree that for FY 2009/10 and FY 2010/11 only, the Merit Bonus pool will be added to the monies available for the Budget Shortfall Mitigation (BSM) Bonus. No action is required by the campuses to distribute Merit Bonuses to Unit 4 employees for this fiscal period. Refer to HR/Salary 2010-18.
    • For FY 2011/12 only, the Merit Bonus pool will be added to monies available for the BSM Bonus. Refer to HR/Salary 2012-07.

  • Funds associated with a merit salary bonus pool shall be dedicated to award one-time, lump-sum bonuses. Individual employee awards must be expressed as a percentage of gross pay (all includable compensation) earned over the bonus eligible period during the fiscal year.

  • The bonus eligible period must be consistent with the timelines (pay periods) associated with the employee's project or performance period(s). The bonus award period could be for one or more pay periods, not to exceed twelve (12) for the fiscal year.

  • A merit bonus is awarded at the discretion of the President or the President's designee. Each campus will receive a joint memorandum from Labor Relations and the Budget Office identifying its share of the systemwide merit bonus funds.

  • Merit bonus awards are in recognition of the following:

    1. Above average performance on a project,

    2. Recognition of one-time or special project performance,

    3. For members of a team in recognition of their performance as a team based on criteria established by the campus,

    4. Above average performance in general,

    5. Other significant contributions to the campus and/or CSU.

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