Salary Program Guidelines for
UAPD (Unit 1) Employees

General Salary Increase (GSI)
Processing Instructions

Change Summary: Increase the minimums and maximums of the ranges by 4.75%
Class Code(s): All Unit 1 classifications
Pay Scales Effective Date: 01/31/08
Date in Production: 02/02/08
Pay Letter: 2008-02
Processing Responsibility: SCO will key increases into PIMS database
Processing Date: Beginning 02/04/08 through close of business on 02/10/08
Effective Date: 01/31/08
PIMS Transaction: GEN
Detailed Transaction Code (Item 719): N/A
EH Remarks (Item 215): HR/SA 2008-01
Pay Amount: 4.75%
Pay Form: Base salary increase
Lump Sum Earnings ID: N/A
Employees on Leave:
  • Increases are effective 01/31/08 for employees on NDI supplementing with Catastrophic Leave (S49 Transaction, Item 957 = 40) on 01/31/08.
  • Increases for other employees on leave (non-pay status) effective prior to 01/31/08 are to be keyed by the campus via GEN Transaction, effective the date the employee returns to pay status. If the Anniversary Date is "MMYY," correct it to "NONE" or "MAX" if the salary is at the range maximum on the GEN.
Additional Information:
  • All employees who are active as of 01/31/08 will receive the GSI via GEN Transaction.
  • The SCO will not process GSIs for active employees whose appointment expiration date is prior to 01/31/08. In order to assist campuses in identifying these employees, CIRS Compendium Report F95, Cycle 0801, is available for campus reference.
  • The SCO will key these increases beginning 02/04/08.  Campuses are requested to not key Unit 1 transactions after the close of business on 02/01/08 until the beginning of business on 02/11/08.
SCO Personnel Letter: N/A

Workforce Administration:





  • Salary Schedule Load provided by HR-ISA to SOSS on 01/25/08.
  • Campus L15 file will be available for download on 02/11/08, Cycle 9999. For CMS instructions on processing, refer to the Business Process Guide "SSI - GSI New General Increase" posted on the CMS Web site.
  • Campuses should process the GEN (L15 file) transaction, then use "correction-mode" to manually update all subsequent salary rows.
  • Action Reason: PAY/GSI (GEN)
    • Effective Date: 01/31/08
    • Union Code: R01
    • Empl Hist Remarks: HR/SA 2008-01

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Last updated: April 7, 2008

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