Salary Program Guidelines
for MPP Employees

Critical Response Unit Stipend

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
11/1/09 - present 5% of monthly base pay Monthly G6 G6
2004/05 - 10/31/09 5% of monthly base pay Monthly AI AI

General Information

  • A Critical Response Unit (CRU) stipend has been established to be available for selected Management Personnel Plan (MPP) police personnel with CRU leadership responsibilities, as determined appropriate by the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Risk Management and Public Safety. The CRU stipend is paid as a five percent (5%) monthly stipend for a set time period. The stipend is calculated on the employee's full-time base pay and is not subject to CalPERS retirement withholding but is subject to medicare. If and when the stipend is to be paid, the Assistant Vice Chancellor, Risk Management and Public Safety will advise the campus in writing of the stipend amount and payment duration. Written authorization of the stipend assignment should be maintained in the employee's personnel file.
Processing Instructions/Coded Memo Reference

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Last updated: November 1, 2009

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