Salary Program Guidelines for
CSUEU (Unit 2, 5, 7, 9) Employees

Per Diem Classification
(Applies to Unit 2 only)

Processing Instructions

Change Summary: N/A
Class Code(s): N/A
Pay Scales Effective Date: N/A
Date in Production: N/A
Pay Letter: N/A
Processing Responsibility: Campus
Processing Date: Determined by the Campus
Effective Date: First Day of Appointment
PIMS Transaction: A52
Detailed Transaction Code (Item 719) N/A
EH Remarks (Item 215) Per Diem
Pay Amount: Add 29% differential to the hourly rate
(Hourly Rate X 1.29 = Per Diem Hourly Rate)
Pay Form: N/A
Lump Sum Earnings ID: N/A
Employees on Leave: N/A
Additional Information: Calculating Per Diem Pay
To determine the appropriate salary rate for an employee placed in a Per Diem classification, campuses are required to perform the following steps:

  1. Identify the appropriate Unit 2 classification (e.g., Pharmacist, Licensed Vocational Nurse II);
  2. Refer to the 12-month salary range of the classification identified in #1 above to determine the appropriate equivalent base rate of pay (if the incumbent were full-time). This rate must be within the classification's salary range;
  3. Convert the monthly rate to the hourly/intermittent rate (Base Rate / 173.33 = Hourly Rate);
  4. Once the hourly rate is determined, add a 29% differential to the hourly rate (Hourly Rate X 1.29 = Per Diem Hourly Rate); and,
  5. Appoint incumbent to Per Diem classification (code 7930) with PIMS Item 405 = "INT".
  6. If the employee receives an adjustment in their base (hourly/intermittent) rate, recalculate the Per Diem Hourly Rate by adding a 29% differential to the new base (hourly/intermittent) rate.
Refer to Article 2 of the collective bargaining agreement and Appendix B.
SCO Personnel Letter:
Workforce Administration:

Action Reason:

  • DTA/APT - New Temp Appointment
  • HIR/APT - Appointment
  • HIR/CON - Concurrent Job
  • HIR/PRI - Appoint Prior Employee
  • REH/REH - Rehire

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Last updated: March 2, 2010

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