Salary Program Guidelines for
Confidential Employees

Confidential Merit Bonus

Historical Summary By Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year Amount Payment Date Earnings ID CMS
Earnings ID
2000/01 - Present Up to 15% Discretion of President
  • SF - non-exempt
  • S6 - exempt
  • BN3 - (SF)
  • BN9 - (S6)

  • General Information

    • Presidents have the discretionary authority to award merit bonuses to Confidential employees if either of the following occur:

      • An employee meets specific measurable standards that were spelled out at the beginning of an evaluation period that indicate if specific actions are met, a merit bonus pay adjustment will be provided.

      • An employee meets a specific stated objective that is both articulated in advance and is measurable.

    • The total campus-funded Confidential bonus payments may not exceed one percent (1%) of the annual merit salary pool for the fiscal year.

    • Refer to HR Letter 2000-15 and HR/SA 2000-19 for Confidential employee program rules.

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    Last updated: April 4, 2008

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