Salary Program Guidelines for
Confidential Employees

Employee is Not Receiving a Merit Increase and is No Longer at the Range
Maximum or is Still Over the New Salary Range Maximum
Processing Instructions

Change Summary: Confidential (C99) classifications:
  • Increase minimums by 6.75% and maximums by 6.75%
  • Class Code(s): All C99 classification codes
    CBID: C99
    Pay Scales Effective Date: 07/01/07
    Date in Production: 09/13/07
    Pay Letter: 2007-11
    Processing Responsibility: Campus
    Processing Date: Beginning 09/13/07
    Effective Date: 07/01/07
    PIMS Transaction: CRO
    Detailed Transaction Code (Item 719) N/A
    EH Remarks (Item 215) HR/SA 2007-21
    Pay Amount: N/A
    Pay Form: N/A
    Lump Sum Earnings ID: N/A
    Employees on Leave: Employees on leave (non-pay status) should have the appropriate information changed on the return from leave transaction.
    Additional Information:

    For employees below the new range maximum, Anniversary Date must be NONE.

    For employees with a Plus Salary (Item 815):

    • If employees total salary is below the new range maximum:
      • Delete Item 815
      • Incorporate entire salary into Assigned Salary Rate (Item 820).
      • Change Anniversary Date to NONE.
    • If employees total salary is still above the new range maximum:
      • Increase Assigned Salary Rate (Item 820) up to the salary range maximum.
      • Decrease the Item 815 by the same amount in previous step.
      • Ensure that Anniversary Date is at MAX.
    SCO Personnel Letter: N/A
    Workforce Administration:
    • Action Reason: DTA/MOU (CRO)
    • Effective Date: 07/01/07
    • Union Code: C99
    • Comp Rate (Items 815/820): Update as instructed above
    • Empl History Remarks: HR/SA 2007-21

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    Last updated: April 4, 2008

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