Systemwide Human Resources
The CSU is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive employment community and a tolerant and respectful work culture for all of our employees-without exception.

Staff Directory

Contact information is provided for use by human resources staff at the CSU campuses. Staff and faculty employees with policy or human resources-related questions, contact your campus human resources office for assistance.

Vice Chancellor of Human Resources (562) 951-4455
Melissa Bard, Vice Chancellor
Joyce Cabug, Executive Assistant
Judy DeVine  

Human Resources Management (562) 951-4411
Evelyn Nazario, Associate Vice Chancellor
Suzy Mendez  
HR Policy & Programs (562) 951-4411
Stephanie Wright, Director Lisa Boyd
Shawn Burnet  
HR Programs, Data Operations and Systems (562) 951-4411
Valerie Kerbs
HR Data Operations (916) 323-5694
Gene Howard Jerry Wakayama
Benefits (562) 951-4411
Beth Ryan, Director, Benefits & HR Programs Brenda Glasco
Renae Klemm Delta Williams
Paulo Ramos  
Compensation (562) 951-4411
Lety Hernandez, Senior Manager Rachel Caracoza
Debra Hailey Angeline Raju
HRM Technology (562) 951-4411
Tammy Hines, Director Cheri Kitajima
Zeta Larcon Carrie Kato
Beverly Mausbach  

Systemwide Professional Development (562) 951-4403
David Kervella, Senior Director Sheila Owens
Jennifer Wicks Chris Fondacaro
Crystal Miller  

Academic Human Resources (562) 951-4424
Margaret Merryfield, Assistant Vice Chancellor Elizabeth Sanchez
Cecile Lindsay Rocio Hidalgo
Allan Taing Carl Fisher

Labor & Employee Relations (562) 951-4400
Rene Castro, Assistant Vice Chancellor Ruth Hirai
Leslie Freeman Yvette Menacho
  Charmian Yan
Academic Labor Relations Mgrs. Staff Labor Relations Mgrs.
Julie Doi J. Kevin Downes
Paul Garrison Erin Eckelman-Ray
  Tashell Jenkins
  Thomas Le
  Neha Shah

Labor Relations Advisor & Chief Negotiator (562) 951-4400
John Swarbrick, Associate Vice Chancellor  

EO/Title IX/Compliance (562) 951-4641
Linda Hanson, Assistant Vice Chancellor Pamela Thomason
Mia Dominguez Bridget Pinelli
Marie Vega Tina Leung