Systemwide Human Resources
Systemwide Human Resources provides leadership in recruiting and retaining highly talented employees and cultivating a workplace where employees can thrive.

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources supports CSU faculty members at every stage of academic employment. We provide information on faculty employment policy, conduct and publish research and analysis about CSU faculty and oversee professional development opportunities for campus faculty and academic administrators. It is our goal to facilitate the recruitment and retention of highly qualified academic staff and faculty members.

Faculty Resources is responsible for:

  • Supporting faculty recruitment across 23 CSU campuses
  • Providing current and prospective employees with access to comprehensive faculty data and analysis
  • Delivering financial support for graduate study to prospective CSU faculty through the Chancellorís Doctoral Incentive Program
  • Managing academic professional development programs for academic administrators and faculty

Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program

The Chancellorís Doctoral Incentive Program provides prospective faculty with forgivable loans for graduate study.

Community Commons

CSU faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service for the benefit of our students.