Employee Grievances and Complaints

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Employee Relations staff respond to all employee grievances and complaints when they reach the Chancellor's Office. These grievances and complaints were filed by employees pursuant to their respective collective bargaining agreements and have proceeded through the lower level(s) of review by the campuses without a resolution. The Chancellor's Office is the final level of CSU review.

The grievance and/or complaint procedure for each bargaining unit may be found in the following contract provisions.

Employee Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement Provision
Unit 1 (UAPD) Article 8
Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU) Article 7 (grievance), Article 8 (complaint)
Unit 3 (CFA) Article 10
Unit 4 (APC) Article 10
Unit 6 (SETC) Article 9
Unit 8 (SUPA) Article 7
Unit 10 (IOUE) Article 9
Unit 11 (UAW) Article 10

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