CSU Employee Profiles
Strength, Diversity and Excellence: The People of the California State University

The life-changing transformations the California State University’s (CSU) faculty, staff and administrators are privileged to witness daily among students on the university’s 23 campuses and in the communities beyond underscore the unshakable certainty that the California State University has a dramatic impact on countless aspects of the state and the nation.

The CSU’s increasingly diverse team of professors, administrators and staff members works tirelessly on- and off-campus to create an unparalleled learning environment, produce cutting-edge research, and spearhead innumerable community and service-learning programs statewide. The CSU’s steadfast, ongoing commitment to academic distinction, accessibility for first-generation college students, and community engagement is incomparable.

This website illustrates the CSU’s employees’ exceptional commitment to work in partnership with students, as well as their dedication to improving the local, regional and statewide communities the CSU is proud to call home.


The CSU continues its efforts to increase college preparation, enrollment and graduation rates of underrepresented students, as shown by two of its external relations programs, the Native American Initiative and the African American Initiative.

Through its Native American Initiative, the CSU Chancellor’s Office in 2014 compiled information from its campuses on services, programs, and grant applications available to federally recognized Native American tribes in California. The goal is to foster consultation and collaboration between tribal governments and state departments and agencies.

One campus that has formed a strong partnership with tribal communities is Humboldt State, located in the heart of Redwood Country, which is home to many vibrant and culturally active tribes. Its programs—including undergraduate and graduate programs, special collections, scholarships and special events—serve American Indians, Alaska Natives and tribes with support and mentoring.

"After making sure I had enough to cover tuition and books, I used the scholarship funds to replace some of my scuba gear for a semester of rescue diving and underwater photography," noted Daniel Hernandez, an Environmental Science major and Scientific Diving minor and member of the Cora Nayarit Tribe.

The CSU’s African American Initiative began in March 2005 at a series of town hall meetings between religious leaders and CSU leaders, which laid the groundwork for a strategy to educate African American students and parents about early preparation for college.

A series of special events, such as policymakers’ briefings, community education workshops, a summer algebra institute, counselor conferences and quarterly meetings, cover a comprehensive list of topics, including college qualifications, financial aid and other aspects of campus life. The events solidify partnerships that support the African American Initiative, as well as provide the necessary tools students need to prepare for entry into the CSU system.