CSU Employee Profiles

Dear CSU Friends,

I am pleased to announce that the Fall 2012 Profile of CSU Employees is now available. The Profile is intended as an easy-to-use reference for demographic information on CSU employees at all 23 campuses plus the Chancellorís Office. For historical data on CSU employees, I encourage you to refer to previous editions of the Employee Profile, the chapter on faculty and staff in the CSU Statistical Abstract, and faculty historical employment data.

Because of significant changes to the CSUís external reporting requirements, the data source and methodology used to collect and organize employee data has changed. As a consequence, employee occupational groupings have been realigned, and the new groupings, in general, should not be directly compared to the groups reported in prior Employee Profiles.

I welcome your comments and questions about the Employee Profile or other data. We are always striving to improve the usefulness of our published data on CSU employees.

Gail E. Brooks
Gail E. Brooks
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Office of the Chancellor
The California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802-4210