CSU Employee Profiles


The table below presents information on average salaries paid to full-time faculty employees as of October 2007. These averages are based on salaries earned through regular academic year or 12-month appointments. Salaries earned through irregular pay appointments, such as extra quarter assignments, are not included in these calculations. Salaries of faculty on 12-month appointments have been adjusted to academic year equivalents by applying a 9/11th factor commonly used in higher education salary studies.

Average Salaries for Full-Time Faculty by Rank (Headcount)
Fall 2007
Average Salary
Professor 4,503 $93,643
Associate Professor 2,595 $75,166
Assistant Professor 2,898 $65,467
Instructor 7 $56,736
Lecturer 2,060 $58,205
All Full-Time Faculty 12,063 $76,826