Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)

Application Submission and Campus Deadlines

Application Submission

Please submit all documents in one packet in the order indicated on the checklist included in the application. Note that the application must be submitted to the campus where the CSU Faculty Mentor is employed.

Please submit the packet containing all one-sided documents at the same time. Any late or extraneous material cannot be used in the evaluation of applications. Documents must be submitted by the deadline set by the campus to which you submit (see below).

Campus Deadlines for Applications

Campus Application Deadline
Bakersfield 2/11/2016
Channel Islands 3/01/2016
Chico 2/12/2016
Dominguez Hills 2/11/2016
East Bay 2/19/2016
Fresno 2/12/2016
Fullerton 2/11/2016
Humboldt 2/12/2016
Long Beach 2/12/2016
Los Angeles 2/12/2016
Maritime 2/26/2016
Monterey Bay 2/26/2016
Northridge 2/26/2016
Pomona 2/11/2016
Sacramento 2/4/2016
San Bernardino 2/5/2016
San Diego 2/12/2016
San Francisco 2/26/2016
San José 2/12/2016
San Luis Obispo 2/08/2016
San Marcos 2/8/2016
Sonoma 2/26/2016
Stanislaus 2/5/2016

Campus deadline date not posted? Please contact the campus coordinator.

The deadline for campuses to send their applications to the Chancellor's Office is March 11, 2016.