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File DCRA/HCRA Claims Online!

Employees now have a third option available to file DCRA and/or HCRA claims with ASI Flex, the third party administrator.

In addition to submitting claims for reimbursement via mail or fax, claims also can be submitted online through

To file a claim online, you must scan your supporting documentation and save it in PDF format. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to ASIFlex's Online Self Service Center at
  2. Type in the Pin Number provided by ASI Flex and click "Begin." The pin number was included in the welcome packet when you initially signed up for DCRA and/or HCRA. You can also obtain this information by contacting ASI Flex at (800) 659-3035.
  3. Choose the applicable plan year from the drop-down list, and then Click onto "File a Reimbursement Claim Online."
  4. Type in your Social Security Number and click "Login."
  5. Please read "Before You File a Claim Online" that appears on this page. At the bottom of this page, you must answer the following question: "Have you already scanned your supporting documents into PDF? Click yes or no, then Click "Continue."
  6. If you answered "Yes" on the previous page, the "File a Claim" page will appear. Choose the appropriate plan year for the claim you are filing from the drop down list and click "Begin."
  7. Choose the type of claim (DCRA or HCRA) you would like to file and click "Continue."
  8. Enter the claim information (i.e., date of service, name of provider, general description, name of person for whom expense incurred, relationship of this person to you, amount of claim, etc.). Once the fields are complete, click "Add to Claim." If filing multiple claims, click "Add to Claim," again to enter claim information on additional item(s) or service(s) you wish to file reimbursement for. Once you have completed your submissions, click "File Claim."
  9. Once you click "File Claim," you will have an opportunity to select the PDF file from your computer by clicking "Browse." Once you locate the PDF file, click "Upload." Repeat if you have more than one document to upload. Once you have uploaded the corresponding documentation for the claim(s) submitted, click the "Continue" button.
  10. The final page of the online claims filing process is the acknowledgement of your electronic signature. Type your first and last name in the field and click "Submit Claim."
  11. Print the "Claim Submitted" page - it includes your Claim ID for future reference.

Your claim(s) will be reviewed and paid within normal processing guidelines for reimbursement.