Systemwide Human Resources
Offering employees a chance to make a profound difference.

Systemwide Human Resources

Systemwide Human Resources provides leadership in recruiting and retaining highly talented employees and cultivating a workplace where employees can thrive. We believe in our employees and support their success by offering a diverse environment and engaging experiences working with students, faculty and staff.

Systemwide Human Resources established the "Commitments for Collaboration" with the goal of developing and sustaining a culture which helps employees develop better working relationships, leadership attributes, and communication skills, while producing a higher quality work product.

We are committed to effective communication, creating an open, civil and safe environment, speaking and acting collaboratively, valuing substance over form, and creating an enjoyable work experience.

Our commitments are summarized into these core values:
C - Communication
S - Substance Over Form
U - Unity One HR
H - Have fun and appreciate each other
R - Respect Open, Civil, & Safe environment

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