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This isn’t your typical career. A career in attractions involves creating memories and unique experiences for visitors.  Attractions include amusement parks, theme parks, museums, zoos and state parks. They are the driving force behind tourism in many regions.  Just think, what would Anaheim be without Disneyland?  Attractions are also vital to boosting business in surrounding hotels and restaurants. Attractions have a big economic impact and need managers to who can rise to the challenge.

California is home to some of the world’s most visited attractions including Disneyland, SeaWorld, the California missions, the San Diego Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge and Yosemite National Park.

Attractions management positions:

  • Recreation supervisors
  • Park superintendents

Salaries in attractions vary widely based on location and size since many jobs in attractions are also found in other sectors (e.g. restaurant manager). Refer to Food and Beverage, Lodging, and Event Management for salary estimates. For more information, please visit HCareers.



  • There are more than 400 amusement parks and traditional attractions in the United States alone. In 2008, amusement parks in the United States entertained 300 million visitors.
  • The United States amusement park industry provides jobs for approximately 500,000 year-round and seasonal employees.