Graduate Programs

Choosing a Graduate Program

CSU Master's/Doctoral Degrees Awarded by Discipline Division

Agr/Nat'l Resources 1.9
Arch and Envir Design 0.5
Area Studies 0.3
Biological Studies 4.5
  & Management
Communications 1.4
Computer and Info Science 2.5
Education 19.7
Engineering 6.9
Fine and Applied Arts 6.8
Foreign Languages 1.7
Health Professions 7.6
Home Econ 0.6
Interdisciplinary Studies 4.6
Letters 6.3
Library Science 0.1
Math 2.8
Physical Science 4.0
Psychology 3.3
Public Affairs
  & Services
Social Science 7.8

Graduate Programs at the CSU
The California State University offers a wide range of graduate degrees and programs. On the following pages, degree programs offered at 23 CSU campuses are listed. To learn more about programs that interest you, contact program departments or check campus websites.

Search for CSU Graduate Degree Programs

Selecting a Degree Program
In selecting a degree program, one of the most important aspects is its academic fit—that is, how well-suited the school is to the research you want to do. When selecting a degree major and making a decision to apply to a specific graduate program, consider the following factors:

  • Does the program emphasize theory or practice?
  • Where do their graduates go after graduation, and does the program offer placement information?
  • Are there opportunities to teach?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development?
  • Does the program have a graduate student handbook that describes satisfactory progress?
  • Are you academically prepared for the kind of program being offered?

When you identify a program that appears to suit your needs, schedule a visit and be prepared to discuss your research interests with the faculty and current graduate students. A campus visit is an excellent opportunity to network and clarify the variety of research interests of the faculty and their graduate students. Ask lots of questions.

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