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The Graduate Experience
San José State University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers students the excitement of studying at a large metropolitan campus where many cultures meet. Through its seven colleges, San Josť State's graduate students can choose from over 70 graduate programs. Silicon Valley firms and agencies seek San Josť State students for internships, summer work programs, and assistance with research and development projects.

San José State's mission has been clear: To enrich the lives of its students, to transmit the knowledge and skills necessary to allow its students to contribute productively to society. The university has grown to over 29,000 students, with over 6,000 graduate students. San José State has become the largest source of engineering, science, and business graduates for the world's most exciting technology center as well as of graduates providing for the region's health care needs and cultural perspectives.

Student Success
Here are some recent honors received by San Josť State graduate students.

2006 Outstanding Theses Awards:

  • " Evelyn Miller, MA in music, for her thesis, "The Music of San Francisco and Berkeley at the Time of the 1906 Earthquake"
  • " LeAnne S. Teruya, MS in geology, for her thesis, "Magmatic Fabric Relationships at Two Contacts in the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite"

2006 CSU Research Completion First Place:

  • Sara Tae-Ann Rettus, MA in philosophy (Reinterpreting Kant's Categorical Imperative)
  • Masao Drexel, MS in materials engineering (The Effect of Cold Work and Heat Treatment Parameters on the Austenite Finish Temperature of Nitinol Wire)

2006 Silicon Valley Business Plan Competition Winners:

  • "Wholesale Dessert Company," first prize
  • "Global Educational Program," second prize
  • "CarbWizard," third prize

San José Campus
Located on 154 acres in downtown San José, Calif., the campus is surrounded by a newly revitalized city that hosts major events and concerts. The city is also home to several art museums and great restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. San José has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. On campus, there is a state-of the-art library facility and a campus village with residential apartments for upper-division and graduate students. In the middle of campus is the Event Center, which hosts sporting events and is a popular venue for concerts.

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