Highlights of the California State University Board of Trustees Meeting
  CSU Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: January 26 & 27, 2010

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NOTE: A print version of FYI (.pdf) is available. The full Board of Trustees agenda and Schedule of Meetings (.pdf) are also available.

 Trustees to Receive Report on CSU Graduation Initiative

  • The CSU Board of Trustees will hear a report on the CSU Graduation Initiative aimed at improving graduation rates of CSU students and reducing the achievement gap between CSU's traditionally underrepresented students and other groups.
  • CSU presidents recently committed to bringing their campus' six-year freshman graduation rates into alignment with national universities in the top quartile of graduation rates. CSU campuses already in that quartile pledged to increase their graduation rates by an additional six percent. All campuses committed to reducing by half the achievement gaps of underrepresented students. All 23 campuses have submitted their plan for their graduation initiative and once the plans are in operation, campuses will begin reporting their progress monthly.

arrow CSU Support Budget for 2010-11

  • Trustees will hear a report on the 2010-11 CSU Support Budget proposed by the Governor in early January. The budget provides more than $2.7 billion from the state General Fund and more than $2 billion from student fee revenue. The proposal restores $305 million of one-time cuts made in 2009-10 and provides $60.6 million for a 2.5 percent enrollment growth. The enrollment growth funds are contingent on the receipt of specified new federal funds for programs outside higher education. While the additional funding will allow the CSU more flexibility, the level of state funding support is still below the level in 2007-08. This budget proposal, if approved by the Legislature, would allow the CSU to begin to restore student access.

  • The Governor also reinforced his commitment to restoring funding to CSU and UC by proposing a state constitutional amendment that would guarantee a combined minimum of 10 percent of state general fund spending for the CSU and UC, by the year 2014-15. Constitutional amendments require majority vote of the state voters.

arrow Giving to CSU Strong in 2008-09, Despite Down Economy

  • The trustees will receive a report on the CSUís strong $366 million in charitable gift commitments during 2008-09. Gift receipts (new gifts and pledge payments) totaled more than $260 million, nearly matching the previous year's record-breaking total. Donors provided more than $173 million for student scholarships, academic initiatives and other current university needs or objectives. Another $81 million went to new facilities, endowments and irrevocable deferred gift accounts. Only $6.5 million received were unrestricted gifts, which the university can allocate towards its most pressing needs. These unrestricted dollars represent two percent of total gift receipts, consistent with previous years.

  • Endowments suffered a 17 percent investment loss, comparable to a national university average loss of 19 percent. Donors contributed $39 million in new gifts to endowments, with over half of those contributions dedicated to student scholarships. In addition to charitable support, the CSU also received more than $1.5 billion in operating grants and contracts, of which $268.5 million came from one-time federal stimulus funds.

arrow Foster Youth to Receive Priority Housing

  • CSU Trustees will discuss proposed Title 5 language to give campus housing priority to current or former foster youth, in accordance with state law (AB 1393, 2009. The Title 5 language will return to the board for action in March..

Board of Trustees Agenda



9 a.m. Board of Trustees – Closed Session, Munitz Conference Room

  • Executive Personnel Matters
  • Presidential Evaluations
  • (Gov. Code Section 11126[a] (1)

11:30 a.m. Committee on Collective Bargaining — Closed Session, Munitz Conference Room (

  • (Gov. Code Section 3596[d])

12 p.m. Committee on Collective Bargaining — Open Session

12:30 p.m. Lunch Break

1 p.m. Subcommittee on Honorary Degrees — Closed Session, Munitz Conference Room

1:30 p.m. Committee on Governmental Relations

  • 2009-2011 Legislative Report No. 6, Action
  • California State University Federal Agenda for 2010, Action

2:15 p.m. Committee on Finance

  • Report on the 2010-2011 Support Budget, Information
  • Approval to Issue Trustees of the California State University, Systemwide Revenue Bonds and Related Debt Instruments for Various Projects, Action
  • State Bond Financing Update, Information

3:15 p.m. Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds

  • Amend the 2009-2010 Capital Outlay Program, Non-State Funded, Action
  • Report on Suspended State Funded Design and Construction Projects, Information
  • Status Report on the 2010-2011 State Funded Capital Outlay Program—Governor’s Budget, Information

4 p.m. Committee on Audit

  • Status Report on Current and Follow-up Internal Audit Assignments, Information
  • Assignment of Functions to Be Reviewed by the Office of the University Auditor for Calendar Year 2010, Action
  • Report on the Financial Statements and Audit Findings for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2009, Information

4:45 p.m. Board of Trustees and Committee on Educational Policy — Closed Session, Munitz Conference Room

  • Review and Recommendation of Nominees for Honorary Degrees, Action



8 a.m. Board of Trustees and Committee on Educational Policy — Closed Session, Munitz Conference Room

  • Review and Recommendation of Nominees for Honorary Degrees, Action

8:00 or 8:30 a.m. Committee on Educational Policy

  • California State University Graduation Initiative: Delivering on Access to Excellence, Information
  • Proposed Title 5 Revision: Assignment of Priority Student Housing for Foster Youth, Information
  • Faculty-Student Research and Mentorship Special Focus: Coastal and Marine Programs in the California State University, Information
  • Affordable Learning Solutions, Information
  • California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, Information
  • International Programs in the California State University, Information
  • Proposed Repeal of Title 5 Section 40503 Relative to Bachelor of Vocational Education Degrees. Information

10:30 a.m. Committee on Institutional Advancement

  • Naming of an Academic Entity – California State University, Fresno, Action
  • Naming of a Facility – California State University, Stanislaus, Action
  • Approval of the 2008-2009 Annual Report on External Support to the California State University, Action

11 a.m. Committee on the Whole

  • Appointment of Member of the California State University Headquarters Building Authority, Action  

11:15 a.m. Board of Trustees – Open Session

Schedule of Meetings (.pdf)

The CSU Board of Trustees will convene at:

The CSU Chancellorís Office
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

Unless noted, meetings take place in the Dumke Auditorium. Times are approximate.