Highlights of the California State University Board of Trustees Meeting
  Board of Trustees Highlighted Agenda Items: May 12-13, 2009

NOTE: A print version of FYI (.pdf) is available.The full Board of Trustees agenda and Schedule of Meetings (.pdf) are also available.

Reporters who cannot attend the meeting may hear any open portion of it by calling 916-278-2663 (password: 0901222#)

 Trustees to Vote on Student Fee Increase

  • The California State University Board of Trustees will vote on a State University Fee increase for the 2009-10 academic year. If approved, beginning in fall 2009, annual full-time fees will increase by $306 for undergraduate students, $354 for teacher credential students and $378 for graduate students.

  • The undergraduate State University Fee would go up from the current $3,048 to $3,354 per year. Including the average campus fees of $801, undergrads would pay approximately $4,155 per year, which remains the lowest among comparable institutions.

  • CSU students with family incomes of $75,000 or less will pay no fees at all. About 80 percent of all undergraduate students receiving need-based financial aid receive a State University Grant, a Cal Grant, or a fee waiver that will fully pay the fee increase.  The university will set aside one-third of the revenue from the fee increase ($42 million) to augment financial aid to cover the fee increase for financially needy students.

  • In a separate item, Trustees will vote on establishing a professional fee for state-supported MBA programs and similar business graduate degrees. If the fee is adopted, CSU MBA programs would remain below the price for comparable institutions. The proposed fee will add $210 per semester unit and $140 per quarter unit to student costs. Visit the CSU Budget Central site to learn more about fees and financial aid.

arrow CSU Budget Update

  • Trustees will hear a report on the CSU 2009-10 budget and possible additional reductions depending on the results of the May 19 election and the May 28 budget revision. The budget revision will include a plan to close a new budget gap that could exceed $14 billion, depending on the outcome of the special election.  Due to the continuing weakness of the California economy and the uncertainty of state revenues, the Legislative Analyst has already projected an $8 billion revenue shortfall in the recently passed budget package. In addition, $6 billion of state revenue rests on the outcome of the election.

  • Overall, after counting budget cuts, the absence of funding from the Compact for Higher Education, revenue from the recommended $306 annual student fee increase, and the funds to be received from the federal stimulus package, the CSU is still underfunded by almost $600 million. 

 Early Remediation, Teacher Preparation, Math and Science, and Online Education

  • The Board of Trustees will take up four educational policy issues with one calling for board action. Trustees will vote on endorsing the implementation of a pilot “early start” remediation program at several campuses for students enrolling in the first year as college students at the CSU. By March 2010, the board would review these pilots and consider full-scale implementation.

  • The Board of Trustees will also hear a report on the systemwide evaluation of teacher preparation. The report shows sustained progress in preparing effective K-12 teachers. The board will also hear about the CSU Center to Close the Achievement Gap, a new initiative of the system in partnership with the business community to address gaps in student achievement.

  • Additionally, the board will hear about CSU efforts to meet the state’s demand for new math and science teachers. The CSU is on track to educate 1,500 new math and science teachers annually by 2010. Comprehensive programs on campus and the support of external funds have helped maintain momentum toward this goal.

  • Finally, as a follow up to an item heard in March, the board will also review online education at the CSU. This will include a review of the actions taken by campuses that are leading the system in online education and initiatives being undertaken at the system level to provide support and guidance to the campuses.

Board of Trustees Agenda



9 a.m. Board of Trustees – Closed Session

  • Executive Personnel Matters
  • Appointment of Vice Chancellor
  • Presidential Evaluations

11 a.m. Committee on Collective Bargaining—Closed Session

11:45 a.m. Committee on Collective Bargaining—Open Session

12 p.m. Lunch Break

12:45 p.m. Committee on Institutional Advancement

  • Naming of an Academic Entity and Facility – California State University, Fresno, Action
  • The California State University African American Initiative, Information

1:15 p.m. Committee on Finance

  • Report on the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 Support Budgets, Information
  • State University Fee Increase, Action
  • Meeting Quality Standards in State-Supported Professional Business Graduate Programs with Revenue Support Derived from a Per-Unit Fee, Action

2:30 p.m. Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds

  • Amend the 2008-2009 Capital Outlay Program, Non-State Funded, Action
  • Status Report on the 2009-2010 State Funded Capital Outlay Program and Suspended State Funded Design and Construction Projects, Information
  • Draft State and Non-State Funded Five-Year Capital Improvement Program 2010-2011 through 2014-2015, Action
  • California State University Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy, Action 2
  • Certify the Final Environmental Impact Report and Approve the Master Plan and Enrollment Ceiling for California State University, Monterey Bay, Action

3:45 p.m. Committee on Audit

  • Status Report on Current and Follow-up Internal Audit Assignments, Information
  • Progress Report on the Corrective Action Plans for the Findings in the Single Audit Reports of Federal Funds for Year-Ended June 30, 2008, Information

4:15 p.m. Committee on Organization and Rules

  • Schedule of Meetings, 2010, Action

4:20 p.m. Committee on University and Faculty Personnel

  • Executive Compensation: Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, Action



8 a.m. Committee on Governmental Relations

  • 2009-2011 Legislative Report No. 3, Action

8:30 a.m. Committee on Educational Policy

  • Teacher Preparation Program Evaluation, Information
  • California State University Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative, Information
  • Proficiency in English and Mathematics Before the First Year, Action
  • Online Education in the California State University, Information

10 a.m. Board of Trustees – Open Session

Schedule of Meetings (.pdf)

The CSU Board of Trustees will convene at:

The CSU Chancellorís Office
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

Unless noted, meetings take place in the Dumke Auditorium. Times are approximate.