Highlights of the California State University Board of Trustees Meeting
  On the March 24-25, 2009 Board of Trustees Meeting:

NOTE: A print version of FYI (.pdf) is available.The full Board of Trustees agenda and Schedule of Meetings (.pdf) are also available.

 CSU Budget Update

  • The 17-month budget package signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger on Feb. 19, addressed the state’s $41.6 billion shortfall with an estimated $15.7 billion of spending reductions, $12.5 billion of tax and other revenue increases, $5.4 billion of borrowing and an estimated $8 billion of federal “stimulus” funds.

  • For the CSU, this means a two-year fiscal impact of $600 million that include budget cuts and withholding of revenues that would have been forthcoming under the Compact for Higher Education.

  • In fiscal year 2008-09, the CSU received a general fund reduction of $97.6 million and did not receive a $216.2 million increase expected under the Compact. In fiscal year 2009-10, the CSU will face several budget reductions that create an operating shortfall of $70.4 million and will not receive a $217.3 million Compact increase.

  • The CSU budget will be affected by interactions between the federal stimulus bill and the state budget, most of the propositions on the May 19, 2009 ballot, and continuing uncertainty about state General Fund revenues in the current economy.

arrow Report on May 19 Special Election

  • Trustees may take a position on one or more of the propositions included on the May 19 Special Election.  Propositions 1A through 1F were adopted by the Legislature with a two-thirds vote and supported by the Governor as part of the 2009-10 budget package for placement before the voters in the May 19 special election. Several of the measures would redirect existing revenues dedicated to specific purposes including the state’s lottery, mental health and early childhood programs in order to help balance the state General Fund budget. In addition, Proposition 1A extends for one additional year (Sales and Use Tax) and two additional years (Vehicle License Fee and Personal Income Tax) the tax increases included in the budget agreement. The CSU will be impacted whether these initiatives pass or fail. Trustees will receive a report on the short- and long-term implications of these propositions.

 Online Programs Extending University Reach

  • Trustees will receive information on the development of online educational
    offerings at several campuses. These offerings include fully online courses and programs, as well as "hybrid" instruction which combines in-class "seat time" and complimentary online activities.

  • As reported in a 2006 survey, 57 degree programs were offered in a fully online format. Of those programs the majority were master's level, and most often self-supporting. Six campuses offer the majority of all fully online programs, including Chico, Dominguez Hills, Long Beach, Fullerton, Northridge and San Diego. Another nine campuses offer a number of online degree programs.

  • Fully online programs facilitate a number of CSU access goals including expanded student outreach, improved public accountability, enhanced opportunities for "active learning," and meeting the post-baccalaureate needs of working professionals. With a solid foundation in place, efforts are underway to refine policies, technology services and best practices.

arrow Math and English Proficiency

  • The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a cornerstone of CSU’s efforts to intervene early in preparing students for college-level math and English. The Board of Trustees will hear a report on other steps being taken by the CSU, including policy enhancements to EAP, “early start” proficiency programs, the integration of EAP with teacher preparation, and better communication with K-12 students, parents, teachers and districts.

Arrow Expanded Access for Former Foster Youth

  • Former, or emancipated, foster youth face truly dire educational and housing outcomes when compared with other youth. California law has called upon the three state higher education systems to expand access and support for these at-risk students. The Board of Trustees will receive information on CSU’s partnerships with private and public organizations to meet the needs of former foster youth.

Board of Trustees Agenda



Board of Trustees – Closed Session

  • Executive Personnel Matters
  • Presidential Evaluations

Committee on Collective Bargaining—Closed Session

Committee on Collective Bargaining—Open Session

  • Approval of Initial Bargaining Proposals For Bargaining with California State University Employees' Union (CSUEU - Units 2, 5, 7 And 9), Action
  • Approval of Initial Bargaining Proposals For Bargaining with International Union of Operating Engineers at The California State University Maritime Academy (Unit 10), Action
  • Approval of Initial Bargaining Proposals for Bargaining with Service Employees International Union (Headstart) at The San Francisco State University (Unit 12), Action

Committee on Finance

  • Report on 2008-2009 and2009-2010 Support Budget, Information
  • Approval to Issue Trustees of the California State University, Systemwide Revenue Bonds and Related Debt Instruments for Various Projects, Action

Committee of the Whole

  • General Counsel’s Report, Information

Committee on Campus Planning, Buildings and Grounds

  • Amend the 2008-2009 Capital Outlay Program, Non-State Funded, Action
  • Status Report on the 2009-2010 State Funded Capital Outlay Program and Suspended State Funded Design and Construction Projects, Information
  • Certify the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report and Approve the Campus Master Plan Revision for California State University, Channel Islands,
  • Certify the Final Environmental Impact Report and Approve Campus Master Plan Revision for California State University, Stanislaus, Action
  • Approval of Schematic Plans, Action

Committee on Audit

  • Status Report on Current and Follow-up Internal Audit Assignments, Information
  • Progress Report on the Corrective Action Plans for the Audit Findings in the Single Audit Report of Federal Funds for year-ended June 30, 2008, Information

Committee on Organization and Rules

  • Proposed Schedule of Meetings, 2010, Information

Committee on Governmental Relations

  • 2009-2011 Legislative Report No. 2, Action
  • Ballot Initiatives: May 19th Special Election, Action

Committee on Educational Policy

  • Former Foster Youth, Information
  • Academic Planning and Program Review, Action
  • Proficiency in English and Mathematics, Information
  • Online Education in the California State University, Information



Committee on Educational Policy

  • Former Foster Youth, Information
  • Academic Planning and Program Review, Action
  • Proficiency in English and Mathematics, Information
  • Online Education in the California State University, Information

Committee on Institutional Advancement

  • Naming of an Academic Entity and Facility – California Maritime Academy, Action
  • Measuring Advancement, Information

Board of Trustees – Open Session

Schedule of Meetings (.pdf)

The CSU Board of Trustees will convene at:

The CSU Chancellorís Office
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, CA 90802

Unless noted, meetings take place in the Dumke Auditorium. Times are approximate.


Reporters who cannot attend the meeting may hear any open portion of it by
calling 916-278-2663 (password: 0901222#)