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Student Union Program

Bond Sale and Project Development Process

The following information specifically outlines the Student Union program data that is needed to determine the feasibility of proceeding with bond financing. The financial plan consists of data that will be incorporated into an Official Statement and data that is derived from current program budget schedules. Financing and Treasury can assist and guide campuses in developing the information and obtaining estimated debt service schedules given current market conditions.

 I. Financial Plan Tables First Priority

a.       Table 1: Estimated Sources and Uses of Funds*

b.      Table 2: Estimated Debt Service with Actual and Estimated Bonds*

c.       Table 3: Actual and Projected Coverage and Operating Data - prior five years and future five years

d.      Table 4: Construction Project Monthly Cash Flow

e.       Table 5: Estimated Activity for Interest and Redemption Fund current year and future five years

f.        Table 6: Summary of Key Bond Covenant Tests current year and future five year. Note: as presented in operating budget format.

g.      Table 7: Student Union Cash Flow and Operating Projection current year and future five year. Note: as presented in operating budget format.

 *Note: debt information will be updated by financial advisor given bond market conditions.

 To access details for developing information for a project, please contact the Financing and Treasury department at (562) 951-4570.  Once the campus develops a viable financial plan, the campus can develop the general campus and project information outlined below.

 II.   The Project

a.       Description

b.      Fees supporting the project; information on referendum approving project and fee increases.


 III.  The Campus

a.       History

b.      Missions and Goals

c.       Facilities

d.      Accreditation

e.       Degrees

f.        Principal Administrators

g.       State Budget For the Campus

Last updated: May 22, 2003

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