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Equipment Leasing and State Financing Programs

CSU Equipment Leasing

Executive Order 775 issued by the chancellor to campus presidents provides a delegation of authority for acquisition of personal property and services, including information technology resources goods and services. When appropriate and desired by the campus, F&T will review and approve financing transactions related to acquisitions, and will assist campuses with tax related issues, analysis of cost of financing of proposed packages, and locate favorable financing rates when necessary. F&T will assure that all appropriate steps have been taken so that the required federal tax reporting form IRS 8038-G is completed on behalf of the Trustees. Contact F&T at (562)951-4570.

Executive Order 669 issued by the chancellor to campus presidents contains information regarding campus authority for leasing of real property.

In order to assist campuses with the approval process for finance lease transactions, the office of Financing & Treasury has issued procedures in coded memorandum FRM 99-09, CSU Equipment Lease Financing Program - Program Update. Campuses should review and process financing lease transactions in accordance with these procedures in order to ensure a smooth and expedient approval process.

Beginning with a Commercial Paper issuance on June 1, 2006, F&T began issuing commercial paper on a quarterly basis to finance campus Common Management System and equipment needs. Documents relating to the Commercial Paper/Equipment Financing (CPEF) program describe the requirements of the program and provide forms for campuses to complete and submit to F&T.

The current borrowing rate for the CPEF program, which will be in effect for the period of June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019, is: 1.50%.

State Financing Programs

The CSU, through the normal annual capital budget process, participates in programs available to state agencies for development of capital resources. Currently, most capital funds are provided by the State's general obligation bond programs. In recent past years, the CSU has also participated the the State Public Works Board's lease revenue bond program. The financing activity for these programs in administered centrally by the Office of Financing and Treasury.

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