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Auxiliary Organizations

  • The origin and nature of Auxiliary Organizations in the California State University

  • List of California State University Auxiliary Organizations

  • Compilation of Policies and Procedures for California State University Auxiliary Organizations is a reference document pertaining to auxiliary organization operations in the CSU.

  • Financing activities may be undertaken by auxiliary organizations as part of their activity in support of the educational mission of the respective campus. Proposed financing transactions, with certain exceptions, are subject to the review of the Board of Trustees as described in the CSU Policy on Financing Activities. This policy was approved in November 1998. The following provides information about the approval process:

    1. Trustees' financing policy: RFIN 03-02-02
    2. Executive Order 876 - Financing and Debt Management Policy Project Development and the Systemwide Revenue Bond Program - This executive order includes information on how to apply the Trustees' financing policy to auxiliary organization transactions.
    3. Bond sale project planning timeline provides assistance with coordinating the financing process of auxiliary organization projects, including approval by the Board of Trustees. Project physical planning and project cost planning activities are illustrated in relation to the financing approval steps.

  • Trustees' policy on public/private and public/public partnerships. In most instances auxiliary organizations play a role in these projects. The policy explains process and roles of the Trustees, the chancellor and campuses in the approval of such projects. To the extent that an auxiliary organization is involved in such a project, this information will be helpful.

Last updated: January 5, 2004

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