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Toni Gonzalez
California State University, Los Angeles

Speaking only Spanish, and experiencing challenges in adjusting to a different culture, Toni Gonzalez was an outsider in her early school years. With few friends, she became introverted, retreating into the solace of literature and learning about the world.

Today, that desire to learn drives her more than ever. Toni is earning her masterís degree in anthropology at California State University, Los Angeles. She has achieved deanís list honors and selection for a Golden Eagle Award of Excellence, as well as the prestigious Cotsen Fellowship in Archaeology.

Toniís interests in archaeology, particularly in the Maya area, have enabled her to work on prestigious projects, such as the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project, and the excavation of several chultuns at the site of Kíakabish. Closer to home, she has conducted ethnographic research on the fusion of American catering trucks with Mexican street vendors.

With the goal of earning a PhD and teaching at the university level, Toni currently plans to return to Belize for research that will make important contributions to her field and bring pride to her alma mater.