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Jennifer Elias
San José State University
Trustee William Hauck Scholar

Jennifer Elias is a standout member of San Josť Stateís student newspaper, the Spartan Daily. She decided to use that platform during her junior year to share with others her story of sexual assault and violence—and to provide resources to others who may be afraid to speak out about their own experiences.

Jennifer volunteers with the local YWCA, working with and creating programs for victims of rape and assault. She has educated her peers through the Peer Health Education Program and Take Back the Night events. She continues to grow not only within her academic endeavors, but also as a strong member of the San Josť State community.

Jennifer and her family have struggled financially, and this year has been extremely difficult with multiple family medical issues. This award will keep her on the path of success and help her attain her bachelorís degree in journalism and mass communication.