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Brandi Nicole Lakey
California Maritime Academy

Brandi Nicole Lakey has always been a dedicated student, but has greatly missed the mentorship she once enjoyed from her great-grandmother. Life has presented her with many obstacles, including losing her uninsured home to a forest fire, a mother dependent on drugs and alcohol, and the loss of her father to pancreatitis. Brandi is currently attending California Maritime Academyís program for global studies and maritime affairs.

Brandi began her higher education at Shasta Community College at the age of 16. After graduating high school with an unweighted 4.50 GPA, she transferred to San Jose State University. Within a year her fatherís death brought her back home, where she dreamed of attending California Maritime Academy. A late admission has proved a perfect fit for her life-long passions concerning environmental protection. Today, Brandi works to fund her education, finds time to do beach and trail cleanup, and maintains a 3.70 GPA.

Brandi recently completed a prestigious internship with the California State Lands Commission, and is currently seeking environmentally proactive career opportunities.