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Elise Patricia Anne Haas
Humboldt State University
Trustee Ali C. Razi Scholar

Growing up in rural northern California, Elise Patricia Anne Haas watched her stable family life fall apart at the age of eight. When her alcoholic mother left home several years later, Elise was left with an emotionally and physically abusive father. She found it increasingly difficult to survive, turning to drugs and sometimes having to steal food in order to eat. When her father threw her out at the age of 18, Elise reconnected with her godfather who encouraged her to continue her education. With her godfatherís support, she attended her first semester of community college living in a tent without electricity or running water.

Today, Elise is working toward a masterís degree in developmental psychopathology at Humboldt State University so that she can use her painful childhood experiences for good by helping children who are living in troubled situations. She is also implementing a violence prevention program for teenage mothers and is a court advocate for two young children.

Upon completing her masterís degree, Elise intends to pursue her PhD to work with disadvantaged children.