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Phuong Nguyen
CSU Dominguez Hills

After being held captive with her family in a North Vietnamese concentration camp for eight years, Phuong Nguyen began life in the U.S. filled with hope. She pushed herself to become a mathematician even though she received no encouragement at school and her family did not believe in her dream. Throughout even greater adversities, including being the victim of several heinous crimes in her neighborhood and the subsequent hospitalization of her father, Phuong has persevered. She currently is pursuing a master’s degree in education at CSU Dominguez Hills and maintains a 3.93 GPA.

Phuong’s commitment to social justice has led her to begin a fund to build a school for victims of human trafficking. She also volunteers at the Banning Museum, teaching children about Phineas Banning, the “father of Los Angeles Harbor.”

Phuong will use her communication talents to teach math to students and intends to establish an endowment to support children victimized by robbery, rape and child abuse.