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Jordon M. Williams
Sonoma State University

The first in his family to attend a four-year university, Jordon M. Williams knew very little about what to expect in a higher education environment. However, once he arrived at Sonoma State, Jordon knew that a university was where he belonged. Even through his family struggles, which included an incarcerated mother and the death of his father, Jordon remained focused on academic excellence.

Jordon is currently in his third year at Sonoma State University but holds senior standing and has six straight semesters of honor roll under his belt. He is pursuing a business major with a concentration in accounting.

Jordon is highly involved in the Sonoma State campus community, serving as a community service advisor for freshmen residents, an active member of student recruitment as a tour guide for student outreach, and an active promoter of diversity on campus with his involvement in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). He plans to one day found his own university with an emphasis on first-generation and underrepresented student populations.