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Angelina M. Loyola
San José State University

Growing up in a single-parent household, Angelina M. Loyola dropped out of high school in her freshman year and, at 16, became a mother to a son who had critical health problems. After four years of drug use, Angelina realized that she needed to change for the sake of her son; she now has been sober for 15 years.

Currently a sociology student at San José State, Angelina is determined to overcome the hardships of her past. As a transfer student from Evergreen Valley College ("I was hooked after my first class"), she realized the difficulties students face in transitioning and succeeding in a university setting and began a student organization to mentor and connect transfer students.

Even though she takes care of her son and works full time, Angelina is a full-time student and maintains a 3.65 GPA. She plans to continue her education in sociology and become a professor and mentor to future students in situations similar to her own.