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Suzanne P. Pullen
San Francisco State University
Trustee Murray L. Galinson Scholar

Suzanne P. Pullen's world was shattered when her son, Avery, was stillborn. As a single woman in her thirties, facing her baby's death was more devastating than several previously overcome hardships

After a layoff and a 15-year hiatus from school, Suzanne returned to San Francisco State for a master's degree in communication studies. While pursuing her degree, Suzanne has served in a leadership capacity and as a volunteer for several local and international nonprofit organizations including the International Stillbirth Alliance and First Candle. She has co-conducted memorial services and been a speaker at stillbirth symposia throughout the United States and abroad, guest lectured for San Francisco State's Nursing Program, co-created a stillbirth/SIDS memorial album for members of Congress, and advocated for stillbirth legislation on Capitol Hill.

Presently the single mother of a toddler, Suzanne has a GPA of 3.83, serves as a teaching associate and produces award-winning research. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in sociology to continue to research and advocate ways health care professionals can provide better support for bereaved parents.