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Ramon Gabriel Figueroa
CSU Sacramento

Ramon Gabriel Figueroa left his family behind in Mexico to come to the United States and pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Despite language barriers, financial struggles, and a long hiatus from college while trying to become a permanent resident alien, Ramon kept his dream to graduate from a university.

Ramon graduated with high honors and an AA degree in business administration from Santa Ana Community College. He is currently double majoring in psychology and film studies at CSU Sacramento and has a 3.91 cumulative GPA. Ramon is also a McNair scholar, which reflects his interest in academic excellence and his respect for scholarly research.

Ramon has served the Masonic Lodge as secretary and treasurer. He is currently conducting research on how Latino filmmakers are countering stereotypes of Latinos in their films; his findings will be published and presented at several prestigious conferences. Upon graduation, Ramon's career goals are to become a filmmaker and producer. He also plans to pursue a position as a university professor.