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Lauren Jacobs
CSU Bakersfield

Lauren Jacobs grew up in a two-parent home, but her life changed in her early teens when her parents divorced. Lauren was then faced with the burden of raising herself while her father spent hours away from home and her mother coped with the diagnosis of a terminal illness. To help with family finances, Lauren took on a part-time job after school.

Presently Lauren is a senior at CSU Bakersfield majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing, finance and economics and a minor in political science. Her passion for business led her to become a member of the first business ethics team formed at CSU Bakersfield. She has competed in two national intercollegiate competitions and wants to continue to promote ethical practices while conducting business. In addition, her desire to help others has propelled Lauren to volunteer at a local rehabilitation center for the past four years.

Lauren intends on attending law school and eventually working for a private firm as a corporate attorney.