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Sponsored Programs Resources

The CSU Sponsored Programs Office provides guidance and support to the 23 campuses (university & auxiliaries) and the Chancellorís Office on matters related to externally funded sponsored research and other sponsored activities. Below you can access information about the Sponsored Programs Office, contact information and resources related to sponsored program administration in the CSU.

For the CO: Sponsored Programs provides pre-award and post-award support for externally funded grants, contracts, and CO funded grants from proposal submission through grant administration and close-out.

For the Campuses: Sponsored Programs develops and updates policies, provides audit advice, software/systems support for grant management, contract negotiation assistance, and facilitation of systemwide training and workshops related to grant & contract administration.

For more information, visit CSYou SPA (CSU only)

Systemwide policies for sponsored programs in the CSU.

The California Model Agreement (CMA) was implemented in January 2016 as a result of AB20 (2008-2009), which required DGS (on behalf of the State) to negotiate model agreement terms and conditions with the CSU and the UC. The CMA page provides links to the DGS University Model Agreement page and CMA Exhibits.

Information on externally funded/grant and contract expenditures for the CSU system.

CSU Research information, including multi-campus collaborations, undergraduate research, highlights on research, scholarship and creative activities and other CSU research news.

CSU campus sponsored programs offices.

CSU current federally negotiated F&A rates and CSU guidance on indirect cost rates for agreements from State agencies.