Financial Services

Financial Services Resources

The following resources are intended to provide financial information and transparency to the public. Certain resources are intended for campuses and auxiliary organizations in order to accurately and properly complete their financial reporting requirements.

Audited Financial Statements for all campuses in the CSU System, Auxiliary Organizations, Systemwide Revenue Bonds (SRB), and other component units which present information on the financial position and performance of each unit.

The CSU Single Audit Report is prepared in compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, contracts, and applicable grants, including the US Code of Federal Regulations & Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance.

Auxiliary Organizations are independent support groups for the CSU system. The Auxiliary Organization Resources page provides access to Auxiliary training, documents, systems and to the Auxiliaries homepage, which contains searchable financial data.

The CSU Risk Management Authority (CSURMA) provides risk related programs for CSU member organizations. Resources available include audited financial statements, resources documents for CSU staff, and access to additional resources on the Risk Management webpage.

Procedures, policy, and training for the legal-basis and GAAP accounting and reporting year-end close processes as needed by all campuses and auxiliary organizations in the CSU system.

Coded Memoranda provide guidance the CSU campuses and auxiliary organizations for a variety of financial reporting tasks.