Task Force on a Sustainable Financial Model

What the Task Force Will Do

The Task Force on a Sustainable Financial Model is charged with proposing to the Chancellor a sustainable plan for the future with respect to budget allocation, revenue generation, enrollment management, and institutional financial aid policies. The systemwide recommendations are to:

  • Be responsive to the mission of the CSU and to the needs of our students, California, and society in general.
  • Reflect regional as well as campus specific enrollment needs and aspirations.
  • Provide for flexibility across the system, recognizing diversity of campus educational offerings.
  • Recognize special circumstances for new and/or small campuses.
  • Identify campus revenue enhancement opportunities, including national and international students.
  • Modify State University Grant policy to create manageable "skin-in-the-game" for all students.
  • Create policies and practices that are predictable with minimal fluctuations in annual resource allocations that allow coherent planning.
  • Create a transitional implementation plan that does no harm.