Faculty Orientation


Faculty Orientation
Programs for Students
  • CalStateTEACH
    This program offers classroom fieldwork internships and online classes to students interested in alternative pathways to earning a multiple subject teaching credential.
  • Center for Community Engagement
    The CSU is committed to serving the economic, public policy and social needs of our state. CCE supports that goal by working with the campuses to promote community engagement, including community service opportunities, service learning, community-based research, and other community-based activities. CSU students contributed 32 million volunteer hours in 2007-08!
  • International Programs
    Yearlong study abroad opportunities are available at more than 50 universities in 19 different countries.
  • Summer Arts
    Hosted at CSU Fresno, this program offers undergraduates and graduate students multidisciplinary two-week creative arts courses, culminating in a collaborative festival.
The Sciences
Doctoral Program Support
  • California Pre-Doctoral Program
    This program encourages CSU students, especially those who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages, to enter doctoral programs in the CSU and UC systems.
  • Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)
    This program provides forgivable student loans to doctoral students with the skills and abilities needed to teach the CSU's diverse student population. Loans are forgiven based on service in a CSU teaching position.
Systemwide Organizations
  • Alumni Council
    This group designates a representative to advocate for CSU alumni interests to the Board of Trustees, the systemwide Academic Senate and other committees.
  • California State Student Association (CSSA)
    This group advocates on behalf of the 433,000 CSU students to maintain access to high-quality, affordable education.
Information for Prospective Students
  • CSU Mentor
    Using this site, students browse facts about each of the 23 CSU campuses, explore degree programs and apply for admission.
  • Early Assessment Program
    This program tests 11th graders' proficiency in college-level English and mathematics, and readies them for the standardized tests required for college acceptance.
  • Financial Aid
    The CSU awards approximately $2 billion in financial aid, grants, loans and work study to more than half its students.
  • How to Get to College
    This site ensures that high school students at all grade levels know how to prepare for and apply to college, and provides their families with the tools to help them.