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APRIL 2010

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Native American leaders and CSU meet at Sac State

Photo of Joe Garcia and Karen Beistman

All-Indian Pueblo Council Chairman Joe Garcia with Karen Beistman, Professor of Federal Indian Law at UC Berkeley & Stanford University. Garcia gave the keynote address at the Northern California Tribal Summit.

CSU and leaders of Native American Tribes met at Sacramento State University on March 23, to discuss issues impacting enrollment of Native American students at CSU campuses.

Jorge Haynes, CSU senior director of external relations, presented a template of a Memorandum of Understanding that can be a reference for future discussions with CSU campuses.

Created in 2005, the CSU Native American Initiative addresses educational issues of interest to the tribes. Native American students represent less than 1 percent of CSU enrollment, mirroring their representation in the California population. Lead campuses involved in the Native American initiative include Humboldt, San Marcos, Sacramento and San Bernardino.

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