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APRIL 2010

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Latino Education Conference at CSU San Bernardino gathers 150 college campuses online

Juan Sepulveda, Director of the White House Initiative on the Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

Juan Sepulveda, Director of the White House Initiative on the Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, presents the keynote address.

Showcased as "A Day of Courageous Conversations," the Latino Education and Advocacy Day held at CSU San Bernardino on April 29 attracted a crowd of approximately 21,000 online participants at 150 university campuses.

The conference featured keynote speaker Juan Sepulveda, director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Sepulveda outlined the Obama Administration’s blueprint for Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Other keynote speakers were Dolores Huerta, president of the Dolores Huerta Foundation and co-founder of United Farm Workers, and civil rights activist Sylvia Mendez, plaintiff in the 1946 federal court case that successfully challenged racial segregation in Orange County, California schools.

Speaking on a panel about policies on educational access and opportunity, CSU Trustee Melinda Guzman outlined the CSU graduation initiative and a recently approved Early Start CSU policy. Combined, she said, these two initiatives will help the CSU meet President Obama’s goal of having the world's largest number of college graduates by the year 2020.

The Latino Education and Advocacy Day event was webcast live and viewed by more than 21,000 individuals gathered at 150 university campuses throughout the U.S. and in other countries.

Online participants included 11 California State University campuses, Harvard, Purdue, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Texas A&M, New York University, and the University of Georgia, Athens, among others.

Universities viewing the event in México included the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad de Monterrey, and Universidad Michoacana. University campuses in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama also participated online.

A partial listing of web participants can be found at the LEAD Town Hall Web page.

Find more information on the LEAD conference at http://lead.csusb.edu/index.htm, http://www.livestream.com/lsacnational

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